February 19, 2023

Science Roadshow

  • Date19th February
  • Time10am - 2pm
  • Location
  • Ticket price£0.00

Join us on 19th of February in Aonach Mhacha to celebrate NI Science Festival!

Prepare to be amazed and confounded by sensory and optical illusions in this demo-packed exploration of your brain, as we discover your senses aren’t quite as simple as they seem…


Packed with memorable large-scale demos, you’ll create a giant neuron live on stage to explore how nerve cells communicate. Then, watch as we hijack those signals to control someone’s movements! Along the way we’ll investigate what this tells us about how we learn, helping students to understand their brains better and how to make the most of them.

£7.00 admission! Get your tickets here:

11:00 Sensory Show:


14:30 Show: