November 3, 2022

Brendan Brankin Exhibition – ‘The Flame’

  • Date3rd November
  • Time8pm - 9pm
  • Location
  • Ticket price£0.00

Brendan Brankin was born and raised in Portadown, Co. Armagh in 1959. Following a career in the mathematical and scientific world of civil engineering, Brendan turned his attention to his true passion, nature, painting and poetry. He has a keen eye for the natural beauty that surrounds him and seeks (and often finds) meaning, joy, hope and purpose in its spectacular simplicity.
The search for meaning and purpose is a recurring theme in his work and he carefully crafts words that capture his simple yet powerful insights.
The easy reading of Brendan’s work disguises a philosophical energy that is both revealing and challenging to the reader. Throughout his work joy and hope prevail.

• Brendan has exhibited his paintings and poetry in the Armagh Theatre in February 2022.
• He will have a further exhibition of his work in Cultúrlann Aonach Mhacha in November 2022.
• Brendan was invited to participate in the John Hewitt International Summer School in Armagh in July 2022.
• He is a former long-serving volunteer with the RSPB and a member of BirdWatchIreland.

Brendan’s latest exhibition will be launching in Aonach Mhacha in conjunction with CAIRDE Teo on 3rd November at 8pm.

Bígí Linn!