June 23, 2020

Camino Mhacha to re-enact Cú Chulainn’s Heroic Journey Home

Aonach Mhacha is issuing a call for walkers to undertake a sponsored Camino from Tí Chulainn in Mullaghbane to Navan Fort near Armagh City (22 miles). Walkers will follow in the footsteps of Cú Chulainn, the ancient Ulster boy hero who made his heroic return to the Red Branch Warriors at Eamhain Mhacha (Navan Fort) from Tí Chulainn with his new hero’s name, Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Culann. He became the foremost warrior of the Red Branch Heroes and the legendary defender of Ulster.

Each Armagh Camino walker will raise much-needed funds for Aonach Mhacha, the brand new Irish language and cultural hub in historic Armagh City. The centre opened in March 2020 and will offer a range of services and attractions for those with an interest in the Irish language, arts and our cultural heritage.

This sponsored walk will take place on 1st August 2020 to coincide with the Lúnasa Festival, commencing at 10.00 a.m. It will be preceded by ‘The Hero’s Breakfast’ in Aonach Mhacha after which transport will be provided to Tí Chulainn, Mullaghbane, for the commencement of the return walk. Camino Mhacha re-imagines Cú Chulainn’s Trek which was highlighted in the mythology of Ulster. The heroic tales of Cú Chulainn have inspired men and women to great achievements since first written down by early Christian monks in the 7th Century. Camino Mhacha will re-enact this ancient episode which forms part of our unique Gaelic heritage on an annual basis. Upon their return to Aonach Mhacha walkers will enjoy ‘The Heroes’ Feast’ with friends and supporters. For registration/further information contact Réamonn: rkieran31@gmail.com 07711689665

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