July 15, 2022


Are you ready for some paw-sitive change in your life? Going through a rough pooch

The Producers of highly successful RTE series ‘Peataí’ are on the lookout for dog owners and
their temperamental pooches for a brand-new Irish language series, ‘Madraí Faoi Ghlas’,
where experts will help you get your beloved dogs back on track. Vet Ellen Hegarty and
behaviourist Paula Doohan are back, but
this time they are coming to YOUR home!

This 6-part series sees dog-owners from
across the country send in their footage of
their misbehaving mutts to our doggy
experts as we match the owners with the
experts. Whether it’s an overly-pampered
Poodle or a temperamental terrier, help is
at hand!

Dealing with issues such as separation anxiety, aggression or simply chewing up all your
furniture, Madrai Faoi Ghlas gets to the root of the problem and helps families to establish a
new healthier routine for all. It answers the age-old question – can you really teach an old
dog new tricks?
So, if you feel that you may be at the end of your tether with your barking bulldog or chewy
chihuahua, get in touch on the link below.


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