Cultural Enterprise in the Cathedral City

Aonach Mhacha has regenerated a derelict part of the city centre and will further develop the cultural corridor between the Shambles and the ‘Cathedral Quarter’ or ‘Old Town’, making the area safer and more attractive to residents, visitors and tourists while also boosting the local economy.

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22 June

Irish Language Summer Camp Fully Booked! Campa Mhacha – Spásanna uilig curtha in áirithe!

Aonacha Mhacha
11 June

Survey – Diplóma sa ghaeilge in Ard Mhacha. Diploma in Irish In Armagh.

Aonacha Mhacha
13 May

SIÚIL – Beann Mhadagáin / Cave Hill, Béal Feirste

Aonacha Mhacha


Our new cultural enterprise centre offers a range of excellent facilities, both to enjoy and to hire.